I had a chance to play around on a Microsoft Surface Tablet today. It’s currently a $12,000 device that requires a trained IT team to come to your local and set it up (seriously). The surface is smooth, but it’s more frosted glass than a smooth iPhone screen. It’s about the size of 6-8 tablets put together.  There are only a handful of apps available: Maps, chess, checkers, calendar, a newsreader, and a few more. It’s slow and if you can believe it – is powered by Vista.

That said, after a 60-second demo on the device I was immediately sold on how surface computing is a huge step forward. Having never used one, I felt like John King in under a minute. Steve Jobs is the only person in the world who has played with the iPad for the past 6-months. Until we get a chance to get our hands on it, and figure it out for ourselves you have got to trust his track record in believing that he’s been to the mountain top and seen how great tablet computing will be. I got a small taste of it today and I have to say I’m a believer in a big way.

My raw video is attached below. I switched up the music for your viewing pleasure.