I’m pleased to announce that we’ve finally launched MEETorDIE this week with some great reviews from Techcrunch, KillerStartups, and others. After the first full two days of the site being operational we’ve had thousands of people submit meetings from dozens of Fortune 500 companies from almost 100 different countries!

If you’ve ever sat in a pointless meeting on a very busy day, you will be able to relate to this website. While working @EA I sat in meetings where no one cared about my opinion and I would think to myself, “I wonder what this meeting will actually cost?” I would to scribble out the math, followed by a quick calculation on my Blackberry, only to discover that the pointless meeting was costing us thousands of dollars in salary alone! This didn’t include the company gym, ESPP, stock options, company store, premium real estate site, laptops, IT guys, equipment, etc. This also didn’t include the cost of everyone flying into the Bay area, getting hotels, taking taxis everywhere, and drinking A LOT.

Don’t get me wrong, some meetings are totally necessary and create huge value, but there is so much waste in Corporate America it is incredible. The amount spent on these meetings is staggering but the overall feedback for the site has been remarkable. We will share a full list of the stats and data Tuesday morning on our blog, but hopefully until then MEETorDIE can help a couple of people become more efficient with their work schedules. Please check out the site and let us know what you think we should add or change to make it better.

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