Every morning I sort through a laundry list of different projects I’m involved in and think to myself: Which of these do I HAVE to get done today? It’s not that I don’t want to complete everything, it’s just utterly and physically impossible. Sometimes I feel like being an entrepreneur is like being a professional juggler. You know, that ulgy/underpaid guy at the circus who is jammed in the back corner of the third largest tent? That’s me. I bet you didn’t know Circ Du Soleil hires all the failed Silicon Valley founders.

When I worked at EA we juggled, there but it was a completely different animal. Juggling at a big company is like using nice big round glow-in-the-dark balls. It’s complicated but once you figure it out you just rinse and repeat over and over again. Juggling in a startup is like having a knife, a chainsaw, a snake, a bag of money, and a harpoon all in the air while being blindfolded and kicked in the bathing suit area at the same time. Seriously. It’s exactly like that.

Here is a sample of the things I’ve been dealing with this week:

Client work: Managing contracted projects for three completely different companies. Promoting a contest across 3 platforms, contacting hundreds of Facebook Fan pages, helping a series of decent videos explode in viewership, and getting magazine content for a publisher.

Vaporware Labs work: Continuing to build and work towards launching our iPad game in June. Finish the marketing plan. Working with the audio lead to deliver the right content and video guys to finalize our viral strategy. Getting an Apple developer license. Managing and motivating three in-house employees and five external, plus pitching two guys who I want to work for us in 3-months. Letting one contractor go, and telling two potential interns we can’t use them for the summer. Meeting with an attorney and my accountant. Working on and planning out the next project for the startup. Making time for my own education by attending the Bases Stanford speaking event with Marc Andreessen (got there early enough to sit on the front row), and meeting with a brilliant CEO of a local iPhone development studio. People – It’s not even Thursday yet! Well at least not for 5 minutes.

You can decide which of the tasks listed above is the chainsaw, and which is the bag of money.

Note I am not complaining. I brought this mess upon myself. I asked for it. I’m dealing with it. It’s only getting worse.  Inspite of that the whole process is incredibly challenging + motivating + rewarding. When someone creates an amazing art asset for the game, we make a breakthrough on gameplay, or a check hits the mailbox; all the circus acts are more than worth it.

Needless to say Circ Du Soleil may be calling if the startup thing doesn’t work out. For now I’ll just keep juggling as fast as I can. Feel free to offer suggestions on how you deal with this problem, or 1-up me in the comments.