I ‘ve always been a fan of the underdog. The guy who looks like he’s out but finds a way to prevail in spite of tremendous odds. I love being friends with people who have no friends (how interesting must you be if no one will be your friend?).

Over the last few months I’ve talked to dozens of entrepreneurs, most have had little to no success. They look for someone to believe in them. They look for some small validation that what they’re doing is right. They look forward to a day when their ideas will take hold and their company gets written by MG every couple of hours.

For every Andrew Mason, there are one million other founders crying themselves to sleep – or unable to sleep. If you fall in the latter camp have no fear; you’re the norm.

Considering I’ve heard from insiders that Andrew Mason only owns about 5%-10% of the company, imagine for every Zuckerberg there are probably 10MM tech founders rocking back and forth in the fetal position at night.

Many sit back and watch Groupon’s acquisition rumors, or watch the Facebook movie and think, “Man being an entrepreneur is awesome! I’m going to be rich!”

While I think being an entrepreneur is awesome, and it would be great to be rich, it’s not as simple as some would have you believe. And to be frank, money rarely solves life’s most fulfilling and difficult problems (family, friends, health).

Some of the strangest and most messed people I know are also the wealthiest. I’m just saying.

At the October Startup Grind event, speaker Chad Harrington talked about his latest company Datascaler (recently acquired by Oracle), and how critical it is for us to have “joy in the startup journey” versus “making the end reward be the joy”.

Statistically speaking there won’t be a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow, but if you took an awesome scenic path to get there, and you found an amazing hot dog stand on the way, then you’ll still be glad you took the journey regardless.

For all those entrepreneurs out there shaking their head as they read about Groupon and Facebook valuations skyrocketing, take comfort in what you’re passionate about and what you’re doing. You’re most likely in the norm. Don’t get discouraged by the outliers. Keep pushing. Keep innovating. Success will find you.